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Lancaster PA Auto Transmission Repair Services

Transmission Repair Lancaster Have you been dealing with a transmission problem for some time? Are you unsure about the extent of the problem with your transmission? While transmission problems are no doubt one of the most serious issues that can affect a car or truck, they often require only minor repairs or adjustments to resolve.

At AAMCO Transmission and Total Car Care of Lancaster, our experienced, local mechanics take the time to thoroughly diagnose your transmission problem, and then create an effective plan for repair. During our exclusive Transmission Scan service, we will check the level and condition of your transmission fluid, transfer case, and differential fluid (where applicable). We will also take your car or truck for a test drive to better understand your vehicle’s initial engagements, drive range, upshifting and downshifting timing and quality, passing gear, TCC engagement, and 4x4 performance.

We’ll Fix Your Transmission Fast

Our Lancaster County mechanics will then test your car or truck in neutral, park-hold, and reverse and feel for vibrations and listen for any strange sounds.

Once this initial evaluation of your transmission is complete, our team of technicians and mechanics will place your car or truck on a lift and inspect the external components of the transmission. We will evaluate:

  • Shift linkage or cable service and repair
  • Vacuum connections service and repair
  • Check TV/detent cable/linkage
  • Check harness connections
  • Check ground connections
  • Engine mounts replacement or repair
  • Axles and shafts repair
  • U-Joints or CV joints replacement or repair
  • Evaluate fluid retention
  • Pan gasket replacement or repair
  • Check wire condition

Once this thorough evaluation of your car or truck’s transmission is complete, your AAMCO Lancaster mechanic will recommend the repairs your transmission needs. However, if this initial evaluation doesn’t turn up the cause of your transmission problems, our Central PA mechanics will use our state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and equipment to pinpoint the problem.

Advanced Diagnostics for Your Auto Transmission & Other Repairs

New cars and trucks are especially dependent on their computer systems, which is why advanced computer and internal diagnostics are essential for determining the cause of a problem. At AAMCO Lancaster, our team of skilled, local mechanics can isolate the problem so you’re not paying for unnecessary repairs. AAMCO Lancaster’s Computer Diagnostic Service can determine if an electrical component is affecting your transmission’s shifting ability or overall performance. Using a computer system scanner, your mechanic will be able to retrieve potential trouble codes, check all critical systems, and compare your system data with the data in our technical database. Using our AAMCO Kwiktes PlusBox, your AAMCO Lancaster technician can find out whether the problem is in your transmission or elsewhere. Finally, your local mechanic from AAMCO Lancaster will recommend specific repairs and replacements, as needed.

Because of AAMCO Lancaster’s thorough approach using state-of-the-art diagnostics that we can pinpoint the exact cause of your car or truck’s transmission problem and repair only that problem, saving you time and money. In fact, more than half the cars and trucks we service only require a minor repair. Other repair shops can’t say the same. Come to AAMCO Transmissions and Car Care of Lancaster for honest, thorough, and skilled auto service and repairs every time.


Five Reasons to Get Your Transmission Checked

  1. The “Check Engine” or Transmission Warning Light is On

    All newer cars and trucks have sensors in their engines that report problems by activating your “Check Engine” light. The “Check Engine” light can signify a wide array of issues, from fairly simple to fairly complex. While the “Check Engine” light alone does not necessarily indicate transmission issues, if your “Check Engine” light is on and you notice any of the following problems on your car or truck, come to AAMCO Lancaster and our experienced, local mechanics will use our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to identify issues or needed repairs.

  2. You Feel the Transmission Slipping

    Have you ever been driving your car or truck and the gears seem to be shifting at the wrong time? If so, you are experiencing automatic transmission slipping. When your automatic transmission slips it feels like a gear shifting. The engine sounds change a bit or starts to sound like whining. A slipping transmission can also cause decreases in the power of your car or truck, like the engine or transmission is struggling. If you’ve noticed any of these changes in your car or truck, it may be time for a transmission repair at AAMCO Lancaster.

  3. Gears Don’t Shift as Expected

    Transmission issues cause unreliable shifts. Some people call this a “delayed shift.” When you shift your car from Park (P) into Drive (D) there may be a lag when your rev the gas, but your car or truck doesn’t move forward smoothly. Transmission issues may also cause your gears to only kick in after a pause, or a short delay. If you’ve noticed these symptoms in your car or truck, contact the transmission experts at AAMCO Lancaster.

  4. You’re Seeing or Smelling Leaking Transmission Fluids

    Your transmission does not use up fluid in the same way an engine uses oil, so if your transmission fluid is running low, you probably have a leak. When transmissions leak, some people notice a strange smell, with a slightly sweet or tart odor. Others report a light, burning odor.

    It’s important to remember that in all recent makes and models of car and truck, the transmission is a sealed unit that doesn’t drip or leak fluid. So, if you notice spots, drips or leaks on your driveway or in the spot where your car or truck was parked, you could be having serious issues with your transmission. Try this test:

    • Place a piece of cardboard under the front and middle of your car or truck
    • Check the cardboard after a few hours and check for drips or leaks

    If your car or truck’s transmission is leaking, you will probably see bright red fluid, but it can also be dark red or reddish brown. Bring your vehicle into AAMCO Lancaster as soon as possible. We offer free tows for transmission repairs or other major repairs.

  5. Shifts are Rough and Bumpy

    You may notice that your car or truck’s gear shifts are bumpy, jerky, or even make the car “jump” a bit. Some customers tell AAMCO mechanics that they hear a noticeable “clunk” or “thud” when their vehicle shifts gears. For a manual transmission, car and truck owners report a sudden grinding noise when shifting into a new gear. If your gears shifts are irregular, come to AAMCO Lancaster immediately and one of our transmission experts will identify the problem and repair your transmission if needed.


Visit AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care of Lancaster today to experience professional, thorough service on your car or truck from a local mechanic you trust. We strive to provide exceptional auto repair services and help our customers in any way we can.

Our Automotive Repair and car care services consist of Battery Inspection & Replacement, Belts & Hoses, Brake Repair, Check Engine Light service, Clutch Repair, Cooling & Heating service, Engine Tune-Up, Exhaust System Inspection & Repair, Oil Changes, PA State Inspections, and, of course, Transmission Repair; serving Lancaster County and beyond. Contact us today to schedule service!

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